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It's Sunday, April 25th - a '7' day, numerologically (this number always reveals something!); a 'root' day, biodynamically (through tomorrow night) and today was a group experiment that led to a terrific experience: an afternoon of geomancy in Bellows Falls, VT.

It started with a suggestion from Donald, followed by my response, which sparked some excitement from a few other folks. The next thing I knew, we had this date scheduled for land clearing - as a group.

Over the last couple of days, working individually with a few landowners, I have felt certain that everything would come together in the best possible way; this would boost their confidence, while modeling and providing newbies with an 'A-ha!' experience of their own.

The etymology of both experiment and experience are: ex "out of" (see ex-) + peritus "experienced, tested," from PIE *per-yo-, suffixed form of root *per- (3) "to try, risk."

Pretty cool, huh?

Experience comes from risk-taking.

This is not so new for me...I've lived in trusting the process of my Inner Guidance for a long time.

In fact, for the last few days, as I've worked on other things and come across various objects (salt, crystals, rocks, chimes, sage, water, matches, chocolate, etc.) I've just 'known' to add them to the bag....

And I did.

About 15 people showed up!

Some folks had brought what they 'knew' they needed to bring - and brought it; others 'knew' which part was theirs, when I asked - and handed things out.

We started with a request for Divine Assistance and a Heart-Lock In/Group Coherence Visualization...and the whole process ran as if it had been perfectly coordinated.

Everyone honored each other's roles and input; and everyone felt the energetic shifts within their own body, as well.

By the time we completed the project and came full circle, everyone felt lighter!

When you are willing to take a risk, show up, experience something that you might have initially dismissed as strange or crazy, you become more aware of your own innate knowing and power; you move beyond programming that plays small.

Today's Gate is 27: "Left Angle Cross of Alignment

Line 5 - The executor The ability to distribute effectively the resources of others. Exaltation: Either, the gifted and principled agent of distribution or the good sense and ability to find one. The power and strength to care for the resources of others."

Because aren't we really each other's best resources? And when we align with a group intention to heal and clear, we also feel that power individually, too....

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1 Comment

Apr 26, 2021

Thanks for sharing this wonderful, powerful experience with your group, Alice! And the passage from Gate 27 sounds like a passage from the I Ching, and so apt for the experience you described. I would like to learn more about these gates, and the book from which you appear to be deriving these passages. Please tell us more about them or refer us to earlier blogs! I wish you a peaceful night under the almost-full moon.

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