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EQ Squared

It's Wednesday, May 5, that makes it a 5.5.5 day.

How fun is that? I have always associated 555 with Christ Consciousness, as per Drunvalo Melchizedek. Additionally, it's a '6' day, numerologically (are you making adjustments at home?) and a 'flower' day, biodynamically.

Sometimes, though, you work with what is...

and since it was pouring outside again today, I processed all of the elephant garlic that had overwintered. Not on purpose.

Yeah...sometimes timelines get away from me...

This was a bit like processing leeks - such an abundance of green leaves!

As I washed, trimmed, and sliced them, I listened to a few videos that were comprehensive in their breadth and depth.

This one, about the FreeMasons, was eye-opening.

Since it was so long, I watched it in bits and pieces, as I got other inside chores finished.

It's funny that I had just written about documentaries yesterday, too, huh?

I'm always fascinated by people sharing their personal stories, although it's disturbing to realize we also have the technology to implant false memories.

In the middle of the day, I attended a webinar, which included a comment on "the need for EQ."

My mind immediately jumped to Daniel Goleman's 'Emotional Quotient,' however, in this case, the presenter was talking about Stephen Covey and 'Effective Questions.'

Maybe these two aren't so separate, though?

After all, Effective Questions can encourage an awareness of one's Emotional Quotient.

As if to perfectly illustrate this, is today's

"Gate 2: Line 3 - Patience The teacher that never stops being a student.

Exaltation: Dedication to a lifetime of receptivity with the maturity to accept that the process never ends. When connected permanently to Gate 14 through the Beat Channel, rewards for services rendered. The recognition that receptivity is a lifelong process."

Now all of the garlic is chopped and in the dehydrator. I'm grateful the day is nearly done.

As I drift off to sleep, I trust that my heart will continue to expand with love and forgiveness (sounds like Christ Consciousness, yes?) - and that I will wake with more effective questions to motivate me through tomorrow.

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