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It's Saturday, October 17th; so: 10.17. Those three numbers 117 always make me super happy, because of my personal energy upgrade experience. Also, because we are on a Left Angle Day of Gate 32.Line 5:Flexibility: Easy adaption to circumstances."

Perhaps, too, it is because we are in New SuperMoon energy, which occurred late yesterday afternoon.

Have you been feeling the intensity?

I was happy to collaborate in co-creating both personal and collective intentions that felt inspired and uplifting;

the Living Earth Action Group of Westminster, VT. hosted Mary Francis Drake to zoom/lead a beautiful meditation of: The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

Certainly, we are still in the process of navigating extremes - and things are unfinished. No always pretty, huh?

However, we also get to choose whether or not we are able to enjoy the process....even as we envision a better outcome.

This doesn't mean we get to avoid things that are ugly, uncomfortable, or downright hard; it just means we are gentle with each other, as we decide how best to navigate our way forward.

As I listened to Pam Gregory's overview of the astrological impact of this SuperMoon, the other planetary aspects, and the coming months, I considered the relevance of my current cohort gathering with our instructor Sara Truebridge and the book we are reading.

Moving from either/or to both/and.

Certainly, it's bit challenging when there are such extremes, yes?

During this time, though - do whatever it takes to keep your frequency high.

To find opportunities to practice Random Acts of Kindness, share humor, be compassionate, and forgiving.

Because the future is ours! And it's up to us to create it in such a way that we all thrive.


How cool is it that this finally arrived?!

Looks like a movie night is in order....

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