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It's Sunday, July 12th, and I am back from a whirlwind overnight trip to New Hampshire to the sweetest camp on Stone Pond.

I'm never really sure what will happen on any adventure anymore. I just trust that whatever transformation needs to take place with the people who show up - will!

Apparently, this trip was about working with the Elements and the Directions.

And the 'Web of Wise Women' who showed up were wonderful: Here are Andi, Debbie, and Anne. As we settled in to decide where to start, the information came through...just like I'm learning to trust it always does.

The first thing was to walk to the St. Francis Chapel, a small building on the opposite side of the pond.

Although I had my sandals, I kept hearing a Native American Spirit whispering to me to 'tread softly on the EARTH.'

I walked it barefoot, relishing the earthing opportunity in this geographical location.

Turns out, the moss was so soft!

At the Chapel, Debbie and I sang the suggested hymn in the various locations. This was such a fascinating experience - to reach way back in the back of my mind for the beautiful melody. The AIR carried our song to some kayakers, who clapped in appreciation.

And the Peace Prayer...are you familiar with it?

It is a powerful request and lovely reminder to take responsibility for creating that, which we would like to see.

Before we left, we each took a moment to stand under the METAL bell in this stone arch for a 'sound bath.'

When I first heard the bell hit with the walking stick, I felt an intense energy rush through me and the wind began whistling through the trees, blowing the leaves with gusto.

It felt like we were working with every spirit and every ancestor who had ever visited this pond, this chapel, this location.

We were hungry upon our return, so we had a snack - it felt like I was eating for the Ancestors, too.

And then, we headed to the WATER. This was where we cleared together, collectively.

I watched the clear sky fill with the darkest thunderclouds imaginable, as we determined together what was ready to be released and cleared. Raindrops splattered.

By the time we finished, the sun returned and we were completely refreshed!

Around the FIRE, we acknowledged the assistance of all of the elements.

It was a beautiful ending to the day, and I shared a guided meditation with colorful healing visuals.

This morning, I received directions to work with North, South, East, and West...and ETHER for a collective healing. Tears flowed freely. I felt so honored to be part of this 'Web of Wise Women.'

I arrived home in time to hold the monthly Clearing Circle here, with another powerful, intuitive group.

This is what we are growing towards...mutually supportive endeavors, assisted by the Seen and Unseen, the Living and the Spirit. Are you ready?

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