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Election Day

It's Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. This day has felt like a long time coming - and here it is!

Also, it was fun to wake up to big fat snowflakes...

Today is also a Left Angle Day, being Line 5 of Gate 44: "Manipulation Exaltation: The ability to transform interaction with inferior elements into the energizing of progressive process with the additional benefit, that in tapping the inferior elements they remain weak. Where the instinctive recognition of the patterns leads to the possible manipulation of others."

Interesting to consider manipulation as having/being an exalted element, huh?

When I walked down to the river to find a special stone for someone moving away, I was amused to see all of the little stone people wearing snow hats.

And I remembered that Mercury is moving direct today, too.

Returning from the mailbox, I found myself admiring the red, white, and blue of the buildings at Dream Barn Hollow.

Harmony is here, now, and as we move into synarchy (whose literal meaning concerns the concept of collective rulership), I, like Richard Rudd, trust that: "as the universe awakens, the interference is gradually cleared and the synarchy that lies beneath emerges" (Gene Keys p.347).

This was a lovely surprise in the mail (thanks, Carolyn!)

I feel we are all being held by Divine Hands, as we move into 'salad days'...

Can you tune into that feeling?

It feels expansive, yes?

Truly this is an amazing time to be alive and participating in this grand adventure!

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