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Dream = Traum

It's Wednesday, February 10th; an '8' day...and a 'root' day. Both the number 8 and roots are about 'structure.' This morning, as I woke up, I found myself furiously scribbling new insights into my journal again! Must be, we are up for changing the structure of reality...

I was getting fresh insight from the conversation I was having yesterday, with Zissis & Cortney. We were discussing trauma and the nature of memory.

I recounted a podcast I had listened to, by

Elizabeth April, who shared an experience one of her listeners provided:

a wife was freaking out because her husband had a completely different recollection of how the two of them met and fell in love.

The wife was somewhat traumatized.

To me, this is another perfect example of having two timelines merge, which gives the individuals differing memories of an experience.

My aha came this morning, as I 'watched' (clairvoyantly), as the letters of trauma moved around to become 'A Traum,' which is German for 'Dream.'


I revisited my questions to Z & C: Why do we continue to use words that re-traumatize, rather than heal? (Like the word, 'trauma' itself...)

Why do people hang on to stories of their trauma?

When is it possible to move beyond the story - or memory?

Is there another reason the experience (or rather, the memory of the experience) exists?

What would we be like, if we could move beyond the past precedents that prevent or dictate, influence, and impact our current situations/present decisions?

Can we embrace the memory as a dream - and wake up to the gift of what it offered - even if it felt nightmarish?

Today is Gate 49: Line 4 - Platform "Exaltation: A political and social agenda, embodied in guarantees to human rights that ensures a just and valued replacement of the old order. A potential sensitivity to the needs of society."

What would it look like to take this concept and bring it home to ourselves, first?

Maybe there's an old trauma story I've been telling myself that I can replace with a valuable new dream....maybe I can then move to a timeline - where it didn't even happen? What might that mean for my heart, will, and body?

How about you?

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