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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

It's Thursday, August 20th.

So: 8.20.2020 - wow, huh? What a fun date! And...Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!

It was so nice to have slept so well in a 'new place.' It was like I knew I would need to be rested for the work today...

Suzanne and I had a day of catching up;

I loved seeing her fish - all of the plants in her aquarium are real and she has some beautiful, playful angelfish.

I thought that was such confirmation of all of the work I've been doing with the Angelic Realms...

And when the 30-year-old catfish came out to say hello from his little hiding spot at the bottom - it was like watching the balance of extremes.

Do you have pets?

These little gerbils are here visiting. Suzanne is taking care of them for her granddaughter.

She's also watching a hamster and gecko!

As we chatted, I heard a number of things that felt like part of the clearing work to be done.

I took notes, distracted occasionally by the amazing art she had on her walls...

Turns out this is her son Tom's work. How powerful, huh?

Each one of these pieces spoke to me at an energetic level, beyond words...which is what good art always does. The trick is to figure out what the message is....

Again, this was the work of the day.

Do you always understand your messages?

Have you discovered how to get more clarity?

The presentation this evening went well, I think - again, it's always interesting to show up as a presenter to see what emerges in response to the audience and their questions; their energy and insights.

I am so grateful for this work...and feel like I continue to discover more of my purpose as I show up!

Wonder what's going to happen tomorrow?

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