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Deere John

It's Friday, April 2; an '11' day, numerologically (hooray for Magical Master Numbers!!), and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically. I'm making a salad for this evening's festivities. Tomorrow we rotate back to a 'fruit' day.

The last few nights have been weird with a 'waking-in-the-middle-of-the-night' theme. I guess it's par for the course, these days, along with all of the other Ascension Symptoms we're dealing with. For a while there, I was really appreciating heavy-duty, drool-on-my-pillow sleep; there must be some kind of upgrades happening.

I did get over to visit Linda and meet Meg this morning, which was another reminder of how amazingly Spirit works when I allow myself to flow. Such Soul-Sisters!!

When I got back, I was thrilled to connect with the Green Mountain Power Overseer, who agreed to send assistance for some of the mess that was left during the course of new pole installation. Hooray!

This made it easy for me to choose to work on cleaning up some of the bathroom construction stuff and stack another wagonful of wood. I am so grateful for this little lawn tractor, which I have lovingly named 'Dear John.' It started right up! I've found all my machines seem to do better when I name them.

As I worked, I thought about conversations I've had over the last few days, discussing new job titles for work that has not been acknowledged (or created) as of yet...

Here are a few. What do you think of:

  • Dream Incubator?

  • Vision Holder?

  • Imaginator?

  • Happiness Distributor?

  • Frequency Adjustor?

  • Design Connector?

  • Space Holder?

Or, perhaps: Ascension Assistant?

Flower Whisperer? Elemental Communicator?

It was pretty amazing to have my title/role show up when it did, as 'Quantum Energetic Change Agent'!

All fun thoughts, huh?

Anyway, we've made it to Gate 21: Line 5 - Objectivity "The use of force must be based on impartiality and not emotionally motivated. Exaltation: A principled and legal character that ensures objectivity. The balanced ego whose will power is applied objectively."

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