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It's Tuesday, December 1st and I'm loving the number sequence of the date: 1212020.

Which makes it an 8 day (again) numerologically....yay!

After dealing with traveling through torrential rains for most of the day yesterday, I landed here, visiting Jenny in Andover, CT.

There is no question in my mind with some people I meet, that our relationship goes way, way back.

Have you experienced that feeling?

That you know one another from another space/constellation/time?

That you are connecting now for reasons that you are just discovering?

The beauty of having various like-minded, open-hearted friends in various geographical locations is that even though you may not consciously know what's going on, your Souls know!

Being open to following Soul's prompting at a moment's notice and trusting that the next steps will become clear is part of that leap of faith.

Which is what the energy of today is all about: the collective (left angle) energy of Gate 9:Line 5 -"Faith The trust that detailed adherence will lead to fulfillment. Exaltation: Loyalty to the letter of the law. The power to focus and bring value to concentration. Detriment: Like the mystery of God, doubt engendered through the perceived illogic of a process. Where the lack of power to concentrate leads to doubt."

How do you like that?!

So, yesterday, as I quickly followed intuitive hunches and promptings that seemed somewhat illogical, I packed up the necessary items to bring here.

To 'emerge' new information and illuminate things to be addressed.

Which is why I find great joy in the lamps here - everything working together to bring more a colorful, artistic way!

So, I'm keeping the faith. More will become clear as we go with the flow...negotiating this 'Dark Winter.'

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