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Day of the Dead

It's Monday, November 2nd. 11.2.2020 - an 8 day. According to Louise Hayes - 8 days are about getting down to business! It's also "Día de los Muertos", a traditional Mexican holiday: on this day, it is believed that the souls of the dead return to visit their living family members.

Additionally, it is Gate 44 Line 4, which I think is a powerful line-up:

"Line 4 - Honesty The refusal to engage in hypocritical interaction. Exaltation: Indifference at its most logical and cutting. The indifference possible when guided by the instinctive memory."

Since it was a 'root' day, I got outside (even with the snow squalls!) and got the garlic planted.

As I worked I considered a group email request that arrived to encourage organization in "training about how to respond to an attempted coup nonviolently."

Pretty heavy, huh?

I was totally ready to go the route of indifference and not engage in controversy...

...and somewhere between harvesting horseradish root and processing it, I did respond.

How would you have responded?

Of course, I sent out information that had redpill potential (because, hello,...this is me: "refusal to engage in hypocritical interaction") - and was immediately sent an email to not 'reply all.'

Is that an example of "indifference at its most logical and cutting."?

I have definitely been feeling the souls of my dead friends and ancestors. There is some instinctive memory coming through - which motivates me to be as indifferently honest, as possible.

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