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Dance of the Dao

It's Wednesday, August 25th. Numerologically, it's an '11' day (a good day not to force anything) and biodynamically, it was a 'leaf' day this morning, until 11:00am

When I first stepped outside this morning, I could sense the garden being flooded with brilliant energy. Since I'm always excited at catching this, I grabbed the iPad to catch a photo (if any of you have been trying to text my iPhone, you must know it died about 5 weeks ago...just call my landline. Not having it has made snapping spontaneous photos a little bit trickier!)

And still, I got confirmation: check out the two photos - taken seconds apart.

I was ready for it!

I stayed sungazing until I could feel tingles from head to toe. It was both purifying and energizing and I felt pretty charged. This was perfect, as there seem to be numerous things that are still showing up to be cleared.

More and more people are calling with an awareness that they are receiving frequencies to address on behalf of folks on the Other Side.

After realizing there would be no trip to recycling & trash (oh, Bartholomew...have a great field trip to Babbitt Automotive!) I got busy again in the gardens.

Today I worked in the veggie beds for a bit and wondered if there were some specific Universal Reason I was being 'grounded'? 'Immobilized'? deal with tomato hornworms!

Honestly - would you have recognized this one? It has so many wasp eggs on its back - I just left it. Check out the size of the one below, though - it's as big as my thumb...crazy, huh?

And then it was time to mow, weed would I have ever gotten this much done, if I had left?

Ed helped out harvesting Wormwood, and deadheading lilies and hostas. David confirmed my car had arrived.

Linden was a love and took the recycling away this evening.

I realize how hard it is for me to ask and allow others to step in and help - because I am always so happy to be the one assisting.

I was glad to come in at dusk, wash dishes, and listen to Simon Parkes update. Master Lama Rasaji gave a reminder of how things flow in a healthy way when they are in balance.

Turns out this is the energy of today with "Gate 59: Fellowship or not is key today

Line 4 - Brotherhood/Sisterhood Exaltation: The dropping of barriers to union to establish a universal union. The power derived from non-sexual intimacy."

I guess this means I must look at receiving in a different way? Celebrate freedom that allows flow? Honor the Brotherhood/Sisterhood that comprises humanity? Yes...this is my gate!

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