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Curious Cravings

As I woke on this Sunday, April 19, I flashed back to working with a young woman a few days ago. She described the feeling of walking around her house wanting something... not exactly sure what it was. Has that happened to you, recently? Have you found yourself craving something - and not knowing what it was?

I could relate. I, too, had wandered around wondering what exactly my body was wanting: a cup of tea? No. Some egg salad or an apple? No. Chocolate? No. (This one was a bit of a surprise, as I am usually always happy for some dark chocolate!)

She told me she had resorted to eating all kinds of 'junk food' and an immediate image came through. In that moment, all of my psychic ability and mediumship classes came in to play and I received the request coming through from beyond the veil - "please clear addictions & withdrawal."

Someone on the other side had passed away, before having the opportunity to get clean/sober.

This happens pretty regularly these days. People will call for a session and I will understand what needs to be cleared. And each individual represents an aspect of the greater collective.

We are all in a state of withdrawal.

Each of us has something that we are ready to release (consciously or subconsciously)

and this time is allowing us to get up close

and personal with our shadow.

Are you familiar with shadow work? Have you embraced your shadow?

This is happening at an individual and collective level right now. Recognizing how we have played all roles: the victim, the persecutor and the savior, allows us to move beyond judgement into awareness and empowerment.

There are more and more things coming to light at this point in time that can feel pretty dark and uncomfortable. As I sit with my own discomfort, it can lead to healing - I can recognize and bring my shadow to light. This is how we heal the world.

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