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Critical Mass

It's Friday, December 18th, 2020. It's the last day of Gate 11:Line 6 - Adaptability "The inner balance to accept transition. Exaltation: The innate awareness that all forms are transitory. The realization that ideas lead to change and are changeable." Ha! That certainly fits winter, here in Vermont...

I was chuckling at that idea yesterday, marveling at the amount of time, energy, and money spent on snow removal each winter.

When I peeked out the window this morning, to see the snow still here, I made a cup of tea and grabbed a book that I had stashed a while back to read at exactly this point in time.

For those of you who may not know, I was a children's librarian in a previous incarnation...

...and I loved finding books that would be fun to recommend to avid (and reluctant) readers. Of all ages.

Really, children's books are often much more fun, engaging, and imaginationally stimulating than 'grown-up' books.

Take this sentence:

"They drove in silence for a while, Gary occasionally waggling his eyebrows at Henrietta to call attention to the perfect success of his plan" (p.91).

Or this one:

"The two of them grinned at one another, pleased about their shared history of mischievousness" (p. 175)

Makes you kinda want to know what the plan was, huh?

Or what kind of mischief they got into?

Sometimes I think that it's a part of my re(a)d-headed nature to be drawn to this type of adventure, which was a 'transitory book,' weeded from the Whiting Library, here in Chester.

Then I consider that 4 of the amazing people I enjoy (for real news) are also red-heads:

This is pretty interesting, considering, "just 1-2 percent of the total global population has natural red hair."

We just have to share our truth; the ideas these redheads share are changeable and leading to change.

Is it good change?

I think so. Certainly, it's all part of this big earth adventure - check them out and see what resonates for you.

Ultimately, I feel like these folks are raising awareness about what is really going we can achieve 'Critical Mass' and change Collective Consciousness.

This life is really the biggest adventure, right?

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