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Crisis Skills

It's Sunday, November 15th, and a New Moon in Scorpio. It's also a yellow day, numerologically, which seems funny, what with all of the gray rain clouds.

As I worked on various odds 'n' end jobs getting things done that had been put off, I found this piece of art: a farewell from Chester-Andover Elementary School. Seems like a lifetime ago, now...

Do you have any art made by children hanging in your home? Kids? Grandkids?

There is an innocence, freshness, and hope in this piece that certainly goes along with the color 'yellow.'

As I considered this New Moon, I recalled what Lena had written:" is actually a good time to reach for something you could not have imagined. Take a risk towards something that feels right and that you love."

That sounds hopeful, yes?

It also ties into the last day of Gate 43:

"Line 6 - Breakthrough Exaltation: Actualization and centering, that in breakthrough naturally establish both internally and externally a new order. Unique knowing that is both personally and collectively of value."

So, I drank some Sweet Woodruff Kombucha to celebrate Divali (the Indian “festival of lights”—a holiday that celebrates the triumph of good over evil, which is also going on right now!) and imagined myself feeling joyful and expansive.

Hey, why not?

As if the Universe realized I was ready for a good laugh, I received and email from Mike with this bit of info:

...some little known trivia about Mahatma Gandhi:

1. He had foot problems from walking  barefoot all the time.

2. Some of the things he went through negatively affected his health.

3. He had a strange diet, which gave him bad breath.

So he was . . . . .

a super-callused fragile mystic, hexed by halitosis

You laughed, right?


Let's hold some of that fun energy right through 'til the Full Moon; it's definitely empowering!

I think laughter is a crisis skill...


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