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It's Tuesday, September 8th and the moon was void-of-course from 8:47am to 5:28pm.

This means you may have felt a little imbalanced in any-/everything that was going on today.

That said, it was also Gate 64/Line 6 - Victory; Exaltation: "The mental assuredness, that knew that victory was inevitable, thus making triumph sweet but not reason for excess. The mental gift of enjoying the confusion and its diversity of data."

Feeling fortunate that I seem to be mostly able to work through this craziness, I utilized creative visioning, as much as engaging in 'work' (painting).

Has it felt like I've talked a lot about. painting? Yeah, I felt it getting tiresome today, too...(and I haven't even started on the outside!)

I kept at it, though! Another coat on the trim.

Also, it was so much fun playing around with the color simulation technology on the Sherman Williams site.

This is a huge part of envisioning our future - the act of engaging our imagination to discern what it is that we really want.

As I connected with various circles today, that seemed to be a theme.

Are you clear about what you want?

And why you want it?

(Tip: Do NOT worry about the 'how.' That will just shut your imagination & passion down!)

When you get it right - how can you tell?

Do you feel it in your body? Where?

As I made my way from one activity to the next today - with varying degrees of grace (and lack thereof) I was struck again at how amazing everything flows, when we allow our lives to unfold, rather than trying to micromanage every detail.

Here's my decision: Get the exterior paint now (it's on sale and they can tint it later). Sit with the combination of new colors - until it feels 100% correct (and I finish the inside!). Take baby action steps daily that continue to allow me to align with the timeline - where it's suddenly done!

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