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It's Wednesday, June 3, and the beginning of the Annual 5-day American Society of Dowser's Convention.

Have you ever attended? Do you know any dowsers? Do you have a pendulum or rods?

I prefer to use the word 'diviner,' as I believe that the energy that assists in the process comes from a Higher Source: the Divine. While I sometimes use tools, I am more a 'deviceless-diviner,' as I simply use my body and sourceSelf connection.

I started attending ASD Conventions in 2013 when it was still being held in Lyndonville, VT.

It was an amazing and expansive experience! There were speakers and vendors from all over the world, who brought tools and concepts for healing, energy work, and information.

Two years later, I found myself presenting. The Convention has been held Saratoga, NY; Plattsburg, NY...and last year was in Plymouth, NH. This year, I had been planning to do a workshop for children and families, as well as a workshop on how we can nourish the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves

This year, it is online. And so I am adjusting! I agreed to give a presentation, instead. It will be Friday at 3:30 - on the day of the full moon (and lunar eclipse at 3:12 pm EST!!). This full moon is in Sagittarius: the visionary, truth-teller, and seeker....lots of energetic assistance!

Being able to see through layers of reality that is being presented to us today, to access the truth, is no easy feat. Knowing how to stay heart-centered and emotionally open and available requires vulnerability and courage. Are you experiencing this challenge? How are you dealing with it? What/who is your support system?

Coming together as a dowsing community with an intention to connect, educate, and honor each other's gifts, skills, and talents is one of the reasons I love attending this event.

Now, we have the opportunity to strengthen and edify each other remotely....and perhaps reach an even greater audience! Are you curious? Will you join us?

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