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It's Tuesday, April 27th, 2021. It's a 'gray' day, biodynamically, so don't plant anything; just do other garden stuff, like hardscape, weeding, mulching, et. It's a '9' day, numerologically, so today is all about wrapping things up, closing things out, finishing things off - and being done.

Additionally, we have moved into Gene Key 24: "The Ultimate Addiction; (Shadow)Addiction – (Gift)Invention – (Siddhi)Silence.

As I read through the first part of the Shadow this morning, I was struck by Richard's metaphor. He writes:

"The way in which you use your brain is determined by your genetics, so that some people think more logically and others more laterally. Let's compare the circuitry of the brain to the 88 keys on a piano.

We could say that the piano keys offer almost infinite potential for creating music and melody. However, in the case of our brains, we tend to find the tunes that we like and play them over and over. Many people don't really think for themselves at all, but have learned conditioned patterns from their parents and their environment and keep following those patterns their whole lives. Of course everyone uses their own brain all the time, but it is relatively rare for someone to find an entirely new way of thinking" (p.189)

Wow, huh?

That's a wholly different take on addiction:

addictive thinking.

Can you think of how that might impact you? Are their stories you tell yourself, like a favorite jingle that gets stuck in your head?

Are you noticing Collective Addictions?

In contrast, invention moves us to create new stories, new tunes, right?

Today - I completely invented a new piece of 'art' (thank you for your assistance, Melissa!).

I determined its role to be to bring any heavy energy to light.

Also with a '9' day, I love to smudge the gardens and burn brush to honor everything that I am symbolically ready to release.

The Human Design Energy of Gate 24.1

is pretty aligned with today:

"Theme of revisiting the past today";

Line 1 - The sin of omission Transformation that requires retrogressive periods before renewal can take place. Exaltation: The will to triumph and in this case the faith that the end justifies the means. Inspiration that demands a reassessment of past thinking before a rational concept can be established.

I wonder what other (addictive) stories/past thinking need to be brought to light, so we can move to renewal?

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