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Come, Unication

It's Tuesday, December 8th and we've moved into Gene Key 26: Sacred Tricksters (Shadow)Pride – (Gift)Artfulness – (Siddhi)Invisibility. This was the piece Richard Rudd shared:

'Contemplate divine pride. Breathe the breath of the Buddhas into your heart. See yourself as immense. See yourself as a god, moving behind the scenes, orchestrating goodness, love. Make yourself invisible. Don the cloak of Invisibility. Even the smallest selfless acts are magical acts. Go out into the world and make a difference. Make this lifetime really matter. Let it shine our light out into the aeons, influencing the past and the future. Become the magus.

The magus is a figure who spans the past and the future. He or she is beyond time and space, beyond past and future. The magus is eternal, omnipresent. The magus is within each of us, invisible, waiting, always waiting…'

Today felt like I was mostly moving behind the scene; I focused on connecting some dots with my studies.

How did you orchestrate goodness today?

I realize now more than ever, I have a chance to perfect how I interact with each person (animal? flower?) who shows up in my experience - which informs the whole, unified quantum field.

It's been interesting to read various books on communication - from human body language to animal, plant, and God conversations.

Have you had any recent conversations that have stood out?

Perhaps God is a Sacred Trickster?

Pretending to be invisible and yet resonating within us?

Did you realize that unicate is a real word in the Urban Dictionary? Definition:

1. The act of one person speaking to hirself.

2. Speaking to a party not visibly present.

3. The act of speaking aloud to focus or confirm understanding of information; for example while working or driving.

I love reflecting back on my life when I was certain that everything was a disaster - and realizing in retrospect it was the best possible way things could have occurred. I was unicating the first time that I received a response on why things played out the way they did...

Maybe if we all engage in more unication, it will become more clear how we can reach new understandings? Even around communication...?

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