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It's Friday, August 21st. This is a brief moment before we leave for tonight''s workshop.

Really, it's been a full day so far - giving Q17 sessions.

More than anything, it's fascinating to explain the process: Ancestral clearing followed by "Consciously programmable quantum energetic frequencies of Unconditional Love from Source. The question to all answers in connecting, harmonizing & recovering Multidimensional Aspects of :

Heart, Consciousness, Will & Body.”

I'm so grateful for this lovely space to work with those folks, who have been prompted by ancestors and guides to see me.

There are numerous treasures everywhere that reflect Suzanne and Bob's open-hearted nature...and I love the themes.

Family. Stones. Travel. Unity and diversity.

Are you aware of the themes you have reflected in your home?

Photographs of great grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren line the halls.

Rows of crystals, stones, and crystal pyramids line tables and ledges.

And various mementos of trips and travels are found on the walls and shelves.

I especially love this photo! Isn't it fun?

Each is a duck - and unique. Much like each stone (or crystal) and every family member. Same and different.

Do you collect anything special to you?

Are you aware of why you are drawn to the things you collect?

More than anything, I am aware of the need to find the commonality/overlap/theme in everything.

This allows me to see the intersection and unifying balance.

Now...I'm off to share this insight with tonight's group!

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