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Happy Weekend!

It's Saturday, June 13th...and I missed the rooster crowing this morning.

Life is such a balance, huh? The joyful and the sad; the calm and the crazy - how are you dealing with this rollercoaster of life?

The cool air of the morning drew me outside to admire the small purple flowers atop the chives.

Since it is a 'leaf day,' I decided right then to harvest them and culture them.

As I sat quietly, plucking the little purple blossoms and listening to the wind chimes and bird song, I could feel my sense of equilibrium returning.

The sunlight helped, the cool breeze, and the colors: green and purple.

When the bowl was full I laid them out for a moment for anything alive to leave....

...which they wisely did.

I got 5 clean wide-mouth canning jars ready and some silicone fermentation lids (the verdict is still out on these; I really do love the waterlock ones!)

Next, I filled each jar to almost the top with the little flowers.

Finally, I topped each jar off with some of the delicious kom-/jun-bucha from the big jar that lives on the counter. I know that when I let it go for too great a length of time, it can get really vinegar-y.

I'll leave these to 'culture' for a few weeks. I trust that the happy energy of the blossoms will become incorporated into the liquid - making it delicious for marinades and salad dressings!

Do you like chives? I loved learning that: 'the most important health benefits of chives include their ability to boost heart and bone health, protect against cancer, regulate digestion, boost vision, protect against birth defects, and boost the immune system.' Wow, huh?

Their onion-y flavor is delicate, so I love them in green salads, potato salads, and soups.

Today, though, they fed me on another level - I was able to appreciate them for their beauty and color!

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