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It's Thursday, May 21st and though completely and thoroughly happy, I feel a little scattered.

Do you ever feel that? When there are so many things that you are excited to do and you don't know which one to start first? Or when things are changing so fast, it feels like a race to keep up?

Like these little stevia babies, trimmed a few days ago - are already sprouting roots.

Outside, various flowers want to be transplanted, before they get too big.

The American Society of Dowser's Convention Committee reminded me that before presenting, I need to connect with the tech folks. Like, yesterday.

Life can feel a bit like a juggling act, yes?

Time for me to take a deep breath and connect with priorities for this day...because maybe the things that I think are important are not really the ones that are. Maybe some habits are ready to be broken. Old ways of thinking and being are ready for change.

Years ago, a dear friend copied this great image. Pretty fabulous, right?!

Some folks might posit this turtle is in denial, delusional, confused...

And yet, I love it! It reminds me to be different. Think differently. Adjust my perspective. Rearrange priorities.

Even with constant changes happening in society, I have the freedom to think my own thoughts and choose the ones that feel joyful!

I can surrender to the experience and be open to what feels right.

And, invariably after a brief pause, I find I have more clarity to proceed.

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