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It's Monday, May 3rd. Numerologically, it's a '4' day (did you pull any weeds of negativity from your consciousness?) and biodynamically, it's been 'gray' all day (and I've felt it, too!) - so just garden prep. Tomorrow, we move into 'root' day just until about 2:00, so I will do my best to get onions planted!

My dear gardening friend, author, and astrologer Celeste (is that the most perfect name for an astrologer or what?!) had ordered onion sets for me when she procured hers.

So, after battling brambles here this morning (literally and metaphorically) I got the telepathic 'OK' to head over to Alstead to pick them up.

Celeste and Bob have lived off the grid on the most charming little homestead for decades. What I adore most is their quirky sense of humor and appreciation of all things natural.

We compared notes about various plants, talked about tree removal, and had a cup of tea.

When I got home, I returned to cleaning out flower beds and considered planting the onion sets closer to the swale.

Apparently, onions love water... it could be a good fit.

The afternoon clouds eventually gave way to late-in-the-day sun, so I stayed out longer than usual. Overall, energy still felt heavy; still I soldiered on.

Now, I'm considering our current transition to Gene Key 2 (Shadow)Dislocation – (Gift)Orientation – (Siddhi)Unity ...and Richard Rudd's wise words: "The more you let go into the feminine yielding of this Gift, the more universal power floods through you...(p.12) Oneness cannot be comprehended, only lived" (p.13).

Perhaps this is the real opportunity for each of us right now: to live in our heart, regardless of seeming division?

I'm yielding, I'm yielding...especially to koalas and beautiful flowering trees!

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