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It's Tuesday, March 23, 2021. Today is a '4' day, numerologically (get organized and productive!); a 'leaf' day, biodynamically (right now, that is...earlier, it was still a flower day)

So, I took in my taxes paperwork and had a lovely visit with my wonderful accountant, came home and weeded out some clothes to donate, and realized that it is seemingly taking twice as much energy to accomplish very basic tasks...

This is part of the ebb and flow of moving from one season into the next: Winter into Mudseason.


Did you think I was going to write Spring?

Here in Vermont, Mudseason is very real.

Perhaps it's metaphorically where we are as a collective at the moment, too:

  • Ready to emerge into more light, yet still feeling a little sensitive to the sun

  • Wishing all of this 'Long Dark Winter' was completely over - and aware of the reality there is still (quite a bit of) snow

  • Impatient to get into the garden - and realistic about the temperature difference (daytime/nighttime)

And these gardens at Dream Barn Hollow have their own micro-climate!

I can't pretend I don't I will choose to be patient.

All in keeping with Gate 25:Line 6 - Ignorance "False innocence betrayed by actions. Exaltation: The least mild of a negative position, where inappropriate action is censured. The loss of innocence through inappropriate action."

Buckle up! Tomorrow is a New Gate!!

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