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Catching Up

Updated: May 17, 2021

It's Thursday, May 13th. Numerologically, it's a '5' day (did you get out and try something new?)

and biodynamically, it's a 'root' day. This was a day I had scheduled to refill my water jugs in Saratoga.

This morning I was still finding myself responding to various emails and phone messages that came in while I was away.

I've gotten beyond folks who wonder why I haven't responded to the texts they've my landline. Funny, huh?

I listened to a bit of Michael Jaco's update and found myself pondering whether or not there was going to be anything share-worthy. Sometimes, it's enough to provide info and different views.

These days, I am happily spending as much time outside as possible, especially in sunshine, and since I was out of Saratoga water, I loaded up the jugs!

There was a brief stop to visit Barton in Greenwich - and admire Elizabeth's art - and then a pause for sushi-to-go at Duo....

and noodles for Pete, who came for the picnic!

How happy was I to learn that Orenda had been fixed!! Hooray!

I was so exuberant in my expression of joy, that a young woman named Hannah (who felt the same way and was dancing by the spring) gave me a big hug.

Soul sisters...we know how good this is for third-eye expansion.

It's easy to connect on things I agree with.

What about opposite views?

This is today's "Gate 23: Line 5 - Assimilation The practical acceptance of the values of another path. Exaltation: Expansion and contribution through assimilation. The gift of communicating individual insight to the collective."

Yeah...I may need some more practice at assimilating views that feel wrong for me. I will certainly make rooms for other views, though!

As Danielly says: "just stay in your lane!"

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