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It's Tuesday, July 6th. Numerologically, it's a '9' day (were you able to wrap a few things up?) and biodynamically, (except for a few hours this afternoon) it's been a 'root' day (makes sense that I was called to add ginger to the lemonade-kombucha)

Although I woke to thunder and lightning this morning (which made me super happy to have gotten the lawn mowed yesterday!) it turned out to be rather hot and muggy by the time Chris arrived for a trip to Saratoga.

Yes, the drive was lovely - everything so lush and green -and it was fun to talk about the range of things happening on all levels:

remodeling projects, gardening experiments, future ideas, and current events.

It's tricky to keep from going down too many rabbit holes with that last one...!

Anyway, we got to to the Springs (Orenda), and I filled up enough water to last for another month or so.

Rather than stopping for lunch in town, we headed back through Greenwich, at a bite at a cute cafe there, and popped into the consignment shop next door: Pennywise.

Knowing I still had a Home Depot payment to make, we headed towards Bennington.

This is where things got interesting...We were passing the site of the Bennington Battlefield!

I had never been on this road before and the pull to investigate was so strong, we drove a mile to the point where we could turn around to investigate.

Yes, of COURSE there was clearing!

How amazing to consider that the Universe arranged us to be here on a '9' day, and also the last day of "Gate 39: Line 6 - The troubleshooter

The natural gift for solving problems. Exaltation: Practicality and the ability to guide and nurture others. The energy to provoke others by attempting to solve their problems.

Oh, yeah....there were some things to troubleshoot, alright!

Both Chris and I felt into the emotions/frequencies that were still anchored at this site - and allowed them to move through and on. I anchored some positive intentions with two small stones (doesn't everyone travel with a few in their car?) and blessed it with some of the Orenda spring water.

By the time we left, the breeze had picked up and was blowing all four flags horizontally:

Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the United States of America.

It's something to consider how the war fought back in the day is so very different from the war being waged now... yet the goal remains the same: Liberation & Freedom.

Yes, there were a few more stops after that - and yet this was the real reason for the whole day - we just didn't even know it until we were there. Now I feel this Gate is complete and I'm ready for sleep!

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