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Bringing the Light

It's Tuesday, August 25th and it has been a full day! Overlapping circles of people - or as Janet says: 'the worlds colliding.'

I was up pretty early and had painted the ceiling before my first Zoom Call, during which I made lunch. Then I went back to caulking and priming until Sue and Stacie arrived.

We shared stories of our weekends over some stir-fried sweet/sour cabbage and then I started processing grapes into juice.

After catching my breath from that, there was a moment of such excitement...

...when I stepped into the top room to see both of these women rewiring the new sconces!

This was such a fitting metaphor for this day: people coming together and bringing the light.

It was a repeated theme - all day long.

Did you notice it?

This evening, there was a bit of an energetic smackdown, when during the last Zoom call, I forgot to acknowledge the Ancestors and request that Divine Guidance emerge (honestly, do you always remember? See?

It happens.)

It came as a hot, sticky, clammy sensation. I'm getting very good at recognizing it.

We didn't really get the 'green light,' until I remembered.

So...the lesson is this: sometimes, in order to upgrade the lights, power needs to be turned off, so we can safely configure the wiring.

Are you feeling your wiring being reconfigured?

Do you remember your power source?

Honor and ask?

Are you ready to really bring the light?

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