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It's Sunday, December 6th, the Second Advent, as well as Nikolaus Tag... and Happy Birthday, Heather!

Candles, chocolate, and snow...

Except: no snow really. Not here!

Which is kinda funny, to me.

Did you get any? Maybe you got it all....?

It was still chilly enough I was happy to make use of the fact that today is biodynamically a 'fruit' day, so I juiced up all of the remaining Asian pears.

As I worked, I chatted on the phone with a few folks, discussing what has been showing up: LOTS of impatience.

Well, yeah...that is exactly what this Gate 5 is all about: Waiting

Today, specifically Line 5 is: "Joy

Waiting as an aspect of enlightenment.

Exaltation: To remain calm as the ultimate aesthetic and thus recognize the inner meaning of being. The power to be calm and to find one's place in the flow.

Detriment: Joy dismissed as an illusion, waiting as a failure. Disillusionment with recognizing one's place in the flow."

So, while I (in my Human Design as a Generator) am very happily productive, it was important for me to be calm and find joy in this project at this time.

Doesn't that make sense?

Because I could very easily become very frustrated at not seeing progress on other fronts...know what I mean?

It was very joyful to connect with a group of enlightened women via zoom this afternoon.

Lauren provided a writing prompt that made good use of Sagittarian energy. Sag folks are BIG thinkers and freely forgiving, so the questions were:

  • What might you have always wanted to do that felt like too big of a dream?

  • What might you be ready to forgive, heal, and release?

I had several ideas. For both questions....

How about you?

Also, I will reread Karen Curry Parker's suggestion for Generators (as Alchemists):

"Affirmation: My life gives me an arena within which to explore myself and who I am. I let my inner alignment with my truth and what feels good and right, guide me and reveal to me the next right step. I strengthen my self-trust and courage so that I can confidently follow my path. I use the power of my mind to inspire me and allow for the gentle unfolding of my life path. I trust in the cycles of growth in my life, knowing that my destiny is to be the fulfillment of who I am. I listen to the signal that frustration gives me, knowing that my frustration is informing me that change is coming."

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