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Blessing Moon

It's Sunday, July 5th. A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. The name of this moon, according to my astrology calendar is the "Blessing Moon." Are you feeling blessed? Are you blessing others?

I was up pretty late again last night (seems I need less sleep during a waxing moon - have you noticed that, too?) and spent some time outside watching the moon and clouds play peek-a-boo in the trees.

It was magical - especially with the fireflies dancing around.

And then - I slept really well. Which was good, because there was a lot happening today.

I worked in the house for a bit this morning...and was completely focused on getting some inventory done until I heard 'the Voice' say: "she needs to eat now."


My Life (Guardian Angel? Higher Self?) is giving me directives in the 3rd person?!

So, I brought 'her' over and fed 'her.'

Turns out, 'she' was hungry!

After some food, I spent about an hour weeding in the garden, when 'the Voice' said: "she needs to hydrate, now."

Okay. I was getting the hang of this...

After downing two large glasses of water, I lost myself to weeding again, until 'the Voice' said: "she needs to go take a shower, now."

This is where I balked.

I pointed out that I still had about an hour before anyone was due to arrive...

...and got an energetic shrug. "Fine. You know what happens when she doesn't listen."

Oh, boy, do I!

I quickly put things away, showered, and had just finished dressing, when Debbie arrived.

I marveled at the timing.

Debbie confirmed that we really needed to clear at today's circle.

More folks arrived. I lit the fire. At one point, the light through the trees seemed celestial.

Elementals and Angelics seemed to be holding support. We used 3 types of Sage and were each thoroughly smudged at one point or another by the smoke.

It was powerful: we all felt lighter.

After folks left, I sat at the edge of the pond for a moment, contemplating.

I do feel blessed. Grateful for this clarity of communication and thankful for all of the assistance - human, elemental, angelic, etc.

to make it through this third eclipse!

And thrilled to see such immediate results:

within an hour, the hot humid air had become crisp and breezy!

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