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It's Sunday, August 2nd - Happy Birthday, Christina! The day was pretty rainy off and on, so all of the work took place inside, today. There was so much "Invisible Assistance" that everything came together more amazingly than I could have imagined.... you wear jewelry?

I own mostly necklaces, myself. My favorite pieces are the ones that have a number of different beads: various colors, shapes, designs. Somehow the artist had the vision to take individual beads and combine them to make a necklace of fun, funky beauty.

I have several pieces that are over the top: colorful, bold, favorites are ones that are unique and unusual.

This evening, as I was eating dinner with a few friends that stayed late, we were discussing how to keep jewelry organized to best accessorize, without having to dig through drawers.

I shared my lazy/efficient way of dealing: I have a piece of wall art and everything hangs off it.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

Every single bead is beautiful, which contributes to the beauty of each necklace, which in turn creates a stunning display.

That is what this afternoon's Sacred Circle felt like to me. A beautiful collection of people with amazing individual strengths and skills, which in turn created a diverse and stunning group.

These days I don't have much occasion to wear my bling.

I treasure friends, though!

And each time we come together - it is a thing of beauty: living art at it's finest.

Are you appreciating the diversity of friendships and relationships in your life?

Do you recognize how each person contributes to the beauty of your experience?

Have you told them lately how much they mean to you and how you value them?

For everyone that has played a role in my life, I am grateful for your unique strength, color, and beauty. Thank you!

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1 Comment

Aug 03, 2020

hello my night owl friend!!! I am just sitting here writing a note to a friend that lost her husband and you email came in as I was trying to write the words as the tears fell, i took a breath and read your note- always timely- yes now is the time to appreciate all our friends and let them know how special they are- these days are each tender and dear to our hearts- Alice- I love you, i appreciate you and your jewelry tree rocks!!!

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