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Baby Bear

It's Saturday, December 12th. Happy Birthday, Innanna!

And Happy Birthday, Mark!

I'm remembering how 26 years ago, you held the record (for nearly a week!) of being the biggest baby in the Maternity Ward in the Stuttgart Hospital.

So, like every proud Mama Bear, I am wishing you the very best, as you continue on your life path.

Even though I truly believe that souls pick another to work with, in various incarnations, I do occasionally wonder if there were any other bits and pieces of information I could have shared - or experiences that would have made your life easier or better?

I'm grateful for the phone conversation we had a few days ago, to share some of the reasons I've made decisions in the past...

Also, I sometimes regret not being more informed at the time of those decisions, which is why I continue to inundate you with articles and information now, since I've never been good with reverse psychology...

At any rate, all of this rambling is to let you know how much I love you.

How proud I am, of the man you've become.

That my biggest hopes and dreams for you are the ones you can imagine for yourself - and include joy, meaning, and purpose.

And that every time I think about you, I think about the journey that both of us have shared - which has been a great rollercoaster of an emotional ride!

I may try calling later, to sing you the Dr. Seuss Birthday song...I have classes now, though, so here's this.

(Thanks for sharing this, Mike!)

All life is precious and amazing...

All my love, Mama Bear.

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