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Audience Participation

It's Friday, May 21, 2021. It's a '4' day, numerologically (stabilizing heart energy!) and while this morning was still a 'fruit' day, biodynamically, this evening we moved into 'root.'

When I first woke this morning, I was absolutely heartened to see the beauty of the landscape from this window. Welcome to Gott's Cove (Did you know that 'Gott' is the German word for God?)

It certainly was the most serene image; the calm, beautiful, powerful energy permeated the morning, allowing powerful insights and energetic activations.

Also, it set the tone for the day!

Be in nature. Honor beauty. Love one another.

Later, a long walk on the beach allowed us to chomp some seaweed, taste some sea salt, and nibble new pine needles.

The best part was arranging the full congregation of Standing Stones!

Every time one was lifted, we felt an energy release and move...the whole area was activated and enlivened with our energy and intention.

Yes, we're dealing with some pretty heavy situations on the planet at this time.

It's good to remember we can choose something else.

What are you doing to anchor in Higher Frequencies?

What's the solution?

Show up. Get creative. Move Stones. Dance, sing, and participate....

It's audience participation, kids!

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