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It's the last day of September: the 30th. A Wednesday that started out as gray and rainy as yesterday ended...

Hardly knowing exactly where to start, I realized I needed to cancel a trip I had booked way back in January. That led me down a paperwork rabbit hole - ugh!

When my neighbor called, it was a welcome distraction. She mentioned she had not seen me walking in the morning...

That reminded me that I needed to replace my mailbox - which had become unhinged.

The replacement I had ordered was waiting and for some reason, I was a little intimidated by the thought of this project.

Do you procrastinate around completing jobs and projects that seem overwhelming?

As you can see, I was successful.

It's good to stretch beyond comfort zones, right?

Interestingly, today's Gate 18:Line 5 was "Therapy: The strength to recognize a problem and to accept that it is beyond one's power to solve it alone.

Exaltation: The wisdom to both seek and provide guidance. The potential for correction and judgment through relationships.

Detriment: The mental patient. Chronic instability and potential madness. Where relationships cannot assist in correction; the potential of mental instability."

So I found myself reaching out for some help, which did not come in the way I thought it might.

It's always good to remember to ask our invisible/nonphysical assistants - they always have a bigger perspective!

After returning from a recycling run, I had a chance to work with Sue & Stacey (the "S"-Team...ha! looks like STEAM!), who were able to assist in recognizing another important aspect of teaching/understanding geomancy and earth two locations!

This work is requiring new ways of interacting, perceiving, and relating.

Do you trust yourself to be completely open within a group or relationship?

It requires deep respect, faith, courage, and vulnerability....and everyone's insight and participation.

I was so grateful to feel a major shift, by the time we finished!

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