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Happy Friday, May 15th! Wow - we are halfway through this month?! How did that happen??

Are you finding your relationship with linear time is changing? Yeah, me, too.

For the last month, I have been cleaning up the gardens outside, raking debris, and prepping for new plants. Do you garden? If so, you know how monumental this work can be...

At the same time, I have been babying seedlings inside. It's great fun to watch them poke their little faces out of the soil. There are flowers and fruits -and I feel so excited about getting them in the ground

This morning I moved them all outside. Not to plant in the ground, quite yet. Just into the mostly emptied (restacked!) woodshed.

It was warmish this morning, which was a bit of a relief...because I've learned from experience that plants that have been grown inside need to be 'hardened off,' before they are planted in the ground.

I like to think of this process as 'assimilation,'

in preparing them for their new place in the garden.

While moving them outdoors, I realized that I have been going through an assimilation process of my own. Over the last few days, there has been a huge energetic shift...have you been feeling it?

Invariably, folks who are feeling this call me to share their experiences: blurry vision, achy muscles, emotional sensitivity, some nausea, or sleeplessness. Have you experienced any of this, yourself?

Like the little plants, who are going through the process of becoming ready for their place outside in the ground (their new and better reality), we are assimilating new energies, in preparation for our Great Shift. It happens with every Yuga cycle, which comes with cataclysmic change. According to Sanskrit texts, these are the timeframes of the Yugas:

  • Satya Yuga (Golden Age): 4000 years + 400 years dawn + 400 years twilight = 4800 years

  • Treta Yuga (Silver Age): 3000 years + 300 years dawn + 300 years twilight = 3600 years

  • Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age): 2000 years + 200 years dawn + 200 years twilight = 2400 years

  • Kali Yuga (Iron Age): 1000 years + 100 years dawn + 100 years twilight = 1200 years

According to scholars, (like Graham Hancock), who have spent much more time researching this than I, this Yuga will be over by 2025.

So...understanding that there is a shift coming - that we are in the middle of it! - allows me to understand the constant assimilation that is occurring. How's that process going for you? Are you ready to move into a new and better reality?

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