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It's Monday, September 14th, and the last line of Gate 47:Line 6 - Futility; A difficult position for which there is no exaltation. Detriment: The Sun in detriment, where the strength of will alone may find a way to adapt and survive, but without hope of ever overcoming the oppression. Life as an ordeal stripped of realization.


I suppose yesterday was all exaltation, huh?

Good thing the essential oils were handy.

(Especially, since my travels to visit Tara were postponed!)

It was perfect timing, too, for Steve to send this sweet animated film. And that I have an engaging project that keeps me going, 'adapting and surviving.'

I was busily painting ceilings when Brigham arrived.

He brought a basket of beautiful Boletes.

We chatted for a bit, talking about what the rest of this week might have in store, and then cleared some stuff for the collective around:

  • not listening to intuition

  • feeling tired, run-down, and overwhelmed

  • weaponized curiosity (...right?!)

Have you been feeling this, too?

Seemed to go along with today's Gate and theme....and all that is going on in the world.

I sliced the mushrooms up and slipped them into the dehydrator.

Actually, now that I'm done for the day, I'm quite pleased with all I got finished, painted, caulked, and cleaned.

What are your go-to tools to deal with anxiety, exhaustion, and overwhelm?

Most likely, I will go for:

  • a salt scrub in my shower tonight

  • a cup of tea.

  • my book recommendation from Joan

  • an early bedtime

Especially during the week before the New Moon, I've noticed that it's important for me to conserve energy.

I'll be thinking about you, though - and sending out a little heart hug!

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