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Another Round

It's Monday, June 7, 2021. Biodynamically, it's a 'fruit' day; numerologically, it's a '9' day. If you've been reading this blog, and aware of numbers, you know by now not to start anything new today...

In fact, this is *the 9 day* in the middle of *Mercury Retrograde* in the last few days of the *waning moon.*

So, today would be a really good day to really look at what is ready to let go,

clean out, clear out, and release....before the Solar Eclipse New Moon on Thursday!

This morning started right out with a look at the smallest factors that create foundational instability: infections; bacterial, viral, and fungal.

Sometimes there's one that is easily eliminated, while other times they mask each other's symptoms. And then multiply!

This is the time to get to the bottom of all of it, in order to achieve healing at a foundational level...

I sensed a timeline merge last week that felt confirmed through conversation with friends: it seems like we were revisiting a few residual issues from 2016.

What was happening for you then? Were there any factors that got swept under the rug, or shelved that are showing up as patterns now?

Today we move into Gene Key 45: Cosmic Communion; (Shadow)Dominance- (Gift) Synergy - (Siddhi)Communion.

The power of this one quote by Richard Rudd may shed some light on what you are facing:

"Ultimately, any system that has been built on a foundation of fear will by its very nature crumble"

We're moving from a hierarchy to a heterarchy; from a top-down system of information/resources flow to a horizontal one (pps.350-351)

I'm happy to be wrapping up a few things Mercury is highlighting: transportation, communication, etc.

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1 Comment

Jun 07, 2021

May the heterarchy keep on flowing, Alice! Thanks for the hints about 2016 and all your musings. I will ask Mr. Peabody (and Sherman) to please bring me the Wayback Machine and check it out. Yes, Mercurial Gemini that I am, I am always impatient for Mercury Retrograde to come to an end! But the sight of your exquisitely beautiful roses and other flowers made me slow down enought to write this little missive. I am communing with them, and my own roses and figs coming out in my little garden!

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