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All Saints Day

Today is Sunday, November 1st. Happy Birthday, David! Best friend and frenemy!

Even though he is gone, I'm recalling some fun memories and grand adventures.....

Which is interesting, actually. Are you noticing elements of sentimentality showing up for you?

It's almost like another round of wistfulness around letting things go - and recognizing that things can/will never again be the way they were.

At some level, this is a bit surprising to me, as I am the first to: 'be here, now!'

Both David and Dan shared an interest in physics, engineering, and esoteric they are discussing Dan's radios.

I worked with several people today, clearing, clearing, and more clearing; this evening I worked with one woman and felt so nauseous and dizzy I thought I might vomit and pass out.

He 'tuned in' and reminded me that fatigue was really 'failed purpose,' which gave me the added boost of energy to persevere and push through. I'm stubborn like that.

Are you getting assistance from beyond the veil? It certainly is thin right now...

One thing I loved to watch was the way David embodied enjoyment. His Human Design Profile was 2/4 (hermit/opportunist), which meant that when I could coax him out of hiding, he made the most of every experience, whether it was going to see a movie, or taking a dinner train ride.

As we navigate these next days, moving from All Hallow's (yesterday) - to Day of the Dead (tomorrow) I wonder who else might show up?

Will I recognize them? How about for you?

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