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A Leaf Day

Happy Friday, April 3! Are you familiar with biodynamic farming?

My celestial planting calendar informed me that today was a 'leaf' day, so I ventured outside with small romaine lettuce starts, some young kale plants, and my spinach seeds. I'm doing my best to align these babies with the 'leaf' energy that will help them thrive!

In all honesty, I am not sure I fully comprehend all of the facets of biodynamic gardening. It elevates gardening to a new height. I do use it as a guide as to when to plant, harvest and what to cook, though!

Here is a bit of info from this fabulous calendar to whet your appetite:

Biodynamic (BD) agriculture is the practical application of the spiritual thinking introduced by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). The central focus throughout Steiner's life was his curiosity around the nature of human beings and their reason for being alive on earth. He called this way of thinking Anthroposophy (literally Anthropo-Sophia: wisdom of humans). Steiner himself defined it as "a path of knowledge to lead the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe."

Biodynamic agriculture is based on three underlying principles:

1. Cosmic/spiritual forces in the universe influence life on Earth;

2. Each farm attempts to function with a sense of wholeness, that is, it is self-contained;

3. The role of the farmer is central in achieving the equilibrium needed on the farm

What a concept, huh? To consider how everything is connected to everything else and how to work symbiotically with all the parts and the most sustainable way possible.

What's that? You want to order your own calendar? Okay. Go to

After getting a little soggy planting in the drizzle, I came in and made a nice cup of tea: another way to enjoy leaf day. Cheers!

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1 Comment

Sue Vincent
Sue Vincent
Apr 04, 2020

You make the best tea! What recipe did you use? Thanks for the calendar address too! I'd never heard of Biodynamic Farming! I have heard that some seeds prefer to be planted by moonlight so this makes sense. The wonders our ancestors knew about that some of us retained and now share is a gift. I like gifts like this! Thanks for gifting.

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