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It's Sunday, November 8th and I'm up squirrely-early! Today's Gate 1.4 theme is: "Today, solitude can fuel creativity or not." Today is the Clearing Circle at 3:00...will I see you? Perhaps you will be exercising solitude, instead?

This morning, I have already had numerous people expressing relief that POTUS was not re-elected. And I am so grateful for their joy because joy is such a lovely emotion!

Are you celebrating?

Are you freaking out?

It's true - this time of year looks rather bleak.

It may feel bleak, too, if you are allowing those emotions to reign; they might be have been programmed by your ancestors, held by you epigenetically!

I'm happy that my UK friend, Joy, has taken over again to provide a daily theme. England is in 'Lockdown 2' and so she's rallied another group of folks to play 'treasure hunt a song' based on the theme she provides.

How amazing that this UK connection has lasted since this month, last year!

Today's theme is: 'Peace & Quiet.'

Which song might you choose?

I'll be contemplating that, as I make soup for later on today...

Perhaps when we all get to this place of inner peace (& quiet), we will be more easily able to discern truth - and when there are efforts to manipulate us.

Does that make sense?

Because ultimately, I am holding a vision of self-mastery and self-governance for everyone. Where we understand our quantum/spiritual connection and live led by our hearts.

Which is why I add TP to LL...Love, Light, Truth & Power.

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