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It's Sunday night, August 23rd. This morning, I woke up and saw the sunlight shining on Katya's artwork, which was placed around the old farmhouse, where she and her sister live in New York.

Here is some of her work:

Katya, herself, is a colorful, multi-talented being.

More and more, I am so happy to connect with people who know and are remembering who they are.

Do you know who you are?

I feel that when people really know who they are, they lose interest in anything and everything that does not bring joy, beauty, or love...

People who know who they are want to create art (whatever that is) and share it with others.

As I drove home this evening, I was thrilled to see the top half of a rainbow in the sky.

Later, the clouds were filled with lightning for an amazing show, as I arrived home.

Perhaps this is confirmation and validation that good (colorful??) results were achieved this weekend?

Who knows?

For now, it feels good, so I'm happy!

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