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It's Saturday, May 1, 2021. Happy May Day! Numerologically, it's an '11' day (Woohoo! Two of these Master Numbers in a week? How lucky are we?!) and biodynamically, it's still a 'fruit' day. It was lovely to wake up this morning, feeling like I had finally gotten some really deep, healing sleep.

When I noticed the lovely bouquet Bryn brought, it started me right off with a smile!

Isn't this the whole idea behind May Day? The newness of spring?

And then I got a call from Stacie - and that meant some clarification about new insights:

she mentioned she was having the hardest time regulating her body temperature to adjust to being in Arizona. Even with air-conditioning, it was too hot to sleep.

This seemed to be a repeat of a conversation I had had on Thursday with another friend...

Somehow we need to become aware that we humans have the capacity to access our own Environmental Personal Protection, wherever we are. This means that we can work with the Genus Loci and our own Personal Protectors to assist us with temperature, humidity, elemental, dimensional, personnel, and personal regulation. Even with EMFs and nanotechnology/A.I., etc.

Like being in a permeable bubble of our own creation - that sends out a clear signal of health, power, safety, etc.

Funny how this showed up with today's energy. "Gate 24.5 - Accepting not knowing or not today;

Confession: The courage to admit the mistakes of the past."

Now that I know what I know - I can no longer pretend I don't know.

I've played the victim in the past - and now I know better.

Now, I just get to put this information to use. I wonder how long it will take to fully embody?

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