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It's Monday, August 9th, and my 500th blog post. This seems a little surreal to me ...maybe goes along with living with a foot in two worlds?

Also, it's a '4' day, numerologically (balanced in body, mind, and spirit) and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically.

I headed over to Sunapee this morning to see Linda and visit the Annual Craftsmen's Fair. It's been several years since I last went and it was wonderful to see everyone out enjoying art.

Just like every year, there were a few stands that stood out - I was completely enamored with the Didgeridoo Tent, featuring Steven Bachmann demoing several of his pieces. Yes, there was a bit of spontaneous dance!

At the next memorable booth, I traded in my ball cap for a charming 'Fascinator.' Did you know this was a type of hat?

The two sisters of this 'Meshugenah' (crazy-in-the-head-lady) hat company were simply adorable, themselves.

From that point on, it was one continuous path of 'oohing' and 'ahhhhing' around the whole grounds.

There was art for everyone: jewelry, painting, fiber arts, ceramics, and pottery...

Especially fun was the yard art.

Yes, I admit I got a bit goofy!

Who doesn't need a lawn alligator?

It was a lovely, sunny day spent doing things I love: being with friends, enjoying creativity, being outside in the sun...

It was also an opportunity to address a small vortex that was ready to be brought into balance. Seems there is always more than one reason for me to be out and about.

The memories that were created today will certainly carry me through the week, as I get back to the gardening, yardwork, and other chores...

Perhaps I can tap into this joyful energy and channel it towards what is necessary to move all of humanity forwards?

Today's "Gate 7.Line 5 - The general Leadership whose authority must be absolute and is sanctioned by society in times of crisis. Exaltation: The gift of attracting loyalty necessary in harmonizing the potential of society. The capacity of the Self through its role to attract loyalty."

I'm just working behind the scenes...

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