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*8*8* Lion's Gate!

Ooooh, I love this date: Saturday, August 8, 2020! This year with the duplicated numbers of 8, 2, and 0 feels especially auspicious.

It's actually the peak day of this time-frame known as the Lion's Gate Portal, which I've mentioned is allowing an amazing amount of information and energy through for everyone right now.

Some fascinating info came through last night, as I sat here with Linda, who came over to share a trick to clearing the headlights on my car, named, "Bartholemew."

Did you know that if you name your car, tractor, mower, etc. they will get better gas mileage, last longer, and function better?

This makes sense, considering the 'sentience' of machines that showed up the other day...

Certainly, I can see more clearly with these headlights now!

What are our headlights? The lights in our head? Our eyes? Seems like after we cleared the headlights for Bartholemew, our vision cleared, too!

As we sat together with a cup of soup, we began 'seeing' into a shared lifetime as sisters, working in a small, dark shop in England in the 1600s creating healing herbal tonics and potions.

During that lifetime we were addressing issues of the Black Plague.

Fascinated, I googled some of the information that was coming through, (including the Justinian Plague!) - which led us to clearing cellular memory of plagues and pandemics....

...and fear of death and dying as a result of contagion and disease.

This also explained another aspect of why I am so drawn to working with herbs and plants right now, including this beauty: Shiso Britton. Since it was a leaf day, I harvested quite a bit to dry for tea.

It was called a 'chai' plant, which is why I bought it (I do love chai!) and though it's a slightly different flavor, it is delicious!

Now, I am nearly ready to head out for today's adventure. It seems that there is something of magnitude that occurs, whenever I find myself in a new geographical location or with a group of clairvoyants.

Fun, how this French word captures the meaning and sentient so well!

How will you spend this magical day? What will you allow yourself to 'see,' that you may have been unwilling to look at until now?

After all, as Jose Silva teaches, I do believe that we are improving: 'every day, in every way - better and better'!

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