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50 Shades

It's Tuesday, October 27th and my anticipated schedule changed three times before 9:00 am.

Was your morning (day) like this? Merging - or jumping - different timelines? Change at every turn??

Sometimes it's easier than others to remember/live the affirmation: "I work with Divine and Perfect Timing..."

And honor Gate 28 Line 4:

"Holding on; the ability through whatever means to keep one's grip"... Exaltation: The application of knowledge to exploit opportunities and usually for the greater good. A depth of intuition at its best in struggle and often of value to others.

Detriment: The application of intelligence to hold on, exclusively out of self-interest. A depth of intuition that is stubbornly selfish in its capacity to hold on.

So, I allowed initial emotions to dissipate (some disappointment at not connecting with Willow today) and made room for impromptu painting at a request from Mark, before picking up my car.

It's been well over a decade since I last had these paints out!

Do you have a hobby from...ago?

It was so good to revisit this means of creativity. To capture an image really requires seeing it; which requires looking at it, studying it, and understanding the various relationships: chiaroscuro, lines, background/foreground, color, etc.

Watercolor especially can be tricky and full of surprises...

Are you curious? We could set aside some time for you to come try...

There were numerous other small accomplishments that happened over the course of today. My time spent painting, however, was a powerful reminder to revisit this art!

So, thank you, Mark, for the suggestion.

Are you finding (making) enough time for art (or whatever your passion is!) in your schedule?

Chances are, it will start creative juices for other areas of your life, too - and may allow you to really look at things, situations, relationships with new awareness.

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