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4. Advent

It's Sunday, December 20th: 12.20.2020 - a '9' day, numerologically.

Wrapping things up, clearing things out - all last-minute issues that are arising for closure before the Solstice tomorrow.

It took a little bit to get my attention this morning - a shattered bottle full of Asian Pear, Lemongrass & Ginger Kombucha - and I realized that this reality is splintering.

As I went about cleaning up the mess, I was grateful the bottle took the 'hit,' and not me!

When Katya called, we were able to identify a number of issues that had been unresolved - and after clearing, I realized again how much easier it is to have another person to help identify each issue fully. Even today...

Today Gate 10: Line 2 - "The hermit

The successful sidestepping of behavioral requirements through isolation.

Exaltation: Mercury exalted, where mental functions enrich aloneness. Independent behaviour through isolation."


"With our Strategy and Authority in place, Gate 10 empowers our potential to surrender to living authentically as ourselves. As we come to know, accept and love what makes us unique, we empower others to love themselves as well."

It's well worth reading Cal's Astrology update, to understand the importance of our individual roles within a greater context.

Bruce Lipton shares some timely insights, too.

I'm so grateful for the opportunities to adjust and correct my course, daily...and have great faith that whatever additional support we receive from the Great Conjunction/Galactic Alignment is exactly why I chose to be here, in this moment of space/time.

So, as you go about your day, today, consider how you might celebrate the Solstice tomorrow.

It's taking place early here on the East Coast - 5:02am - and I plan to be up to take a quick, barefoot jaunt out into the snow to honor my earth connection....

To memorialize and ground this amazing experience, celebrate a '1' day, and fresh start.

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