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Happy Friday, December 11th! Happy Hannukkah to those, who are celebrating!!

Doesn't this date (like yesterday's, too,) look like some kind of code?

It's a '9' day, which (to me) means wrapping up all of those little things that I've been avoiding, procrastinating, etc.

Like cleaning the bathroom, emptying compost, rearranging books. (Wait! That last one is an everyday occurrence here...)

Have you realized you naturally do this, too?

I also love to have a fire on these days - and save things to burn that symbolize a 'transmutation' of sorts.

I took my cup of tea and Paul Coelho out and was completely thrilled with the clarity of the light and warmth of the sun.

Nothing blurry at the moment.

When things do get fuzzy, I know it's time to clear...

As I sat here quietly amazed that it's nearly the middle of December, I considered that I was in Avebury, in the UK on this day, last year, communing with the great stones ...and with Chris and Sandi. What great fun!

Now, this year, this date is Gate 26: Line 4 - "Censorship: The alteration of memory through elimination. Exaltation: The ability through censorship to save the collectivity from itself. The power of the ego maintained through forgetting. Detriment: The use of censorship to maintain the status quo; selective memory in fear of unrestrained consequences. The power of the ego maintained through selective memory."

What have we forgotten about who we are?

When Katya sent the translation of the Russian Prayer she shared with me yesterday, I asked to share it here, because when she spoke the words, I felt the frequencies of them flow through me energetically. She cautioned me to warn folks who choose to speak this, as it has a powerful impact in expanding and clearing one's energetic field. your own discretion, here it is:

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