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It's Friday, January 21st - TGIF!

With everything that's been going on this week, I'm ready to relax and enjoy this evening's potluck and movie night. It's a 'root' day, biodynamically, so I made lentil soup with lots of garlic...

Even though I had a number of things I thought I might accomplish, I kept getting in my own way...have you felt that way, too?

Perhaps it's because we've moved into Gate 41: Line 2 - Caution.

Further, "Gate 41 holds the potential for all human experiences, but releases or initiates only one at a time. This is its limitation, and ours. Each new experience that we enter into through our Strategy and Authority holds a promise that a new feeling awaits discovery. By letting go of expectations, we can move freely through each encounter and avoid becoming pessimistic about future ones."

Richard Rudd shared this about this time frame:

Gene Key 41: (Shadow)Fantasy – (Gift)Anticipation – (Siddhi) Emanation.

'Every single start codon inside every single cell of your body is electromagnetically linked to each other. This is the foundation of the holographic body, which in turn is linked electromagnetically to the holographic universe. Every impulse inside you is therefore communicated to the whole, just as every impulse within the whole is chemically mirrored in your DNA. Once you have discovered the knack of influencing your own DNA, you can literally reprogram every cell within your body.'

Wouldn't it be great to get to the point where we each reprogram ourselves with health and joy, so we can emanate that into the world?

Perhaps the folks arriving tonight will be willing to take a few moments to brainstorm other fabulous reprogramming ideas....

What might you add to the vision?

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