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It's Sunday, July 19th...and I am just back up from the river behind the barn. Stacie and I were happy to be having small fish nibbling on our toes!

It's interesting how July always seems to feature water. It makes sense, being that Cancer is a water sign, really.

We went to see Zelda, a visit which was supposed to be an overnight and herb walk...and instead was a trip to the springs and the river in Saratoga.

(Isn't her little Guardian magnificent?)

All of our schedules had been 'cleared.' Have you had that happen lately?

Zelda's company canceled, our herb walk got postponed, and all of a sudden we realized there was something else we were being called to work on.

It seemed to be about the connection of the Pleiades and the Element of water; the healing of Mother/Daughter dynamics and the Rainbow body.

Seemed a little like deja vu, really.

We went to every spring in the park:

Karista, Polaris, Tallulah, Hawthorn, and Orenda....and Geyser!

It was lovely to see lots of people out in nature and enjoying the waters.

It was fun, too, to share the gasses of Hawthorn with Zelda - such a fun little natural high!

Did you know that natural lithium bubbles up from the waters? Just being there is uplifting.

I was happy to be able to get a chance to stick my feet into the water, too.

(Photo credits: Stacie)

And then, as we walked back to the car I counted 5 masks of various makes - all littering the park.

I'm still working on identifying the precise emotion this aroused in me....disgust? Contempt? Anger? Indignation??

(Maybe the same emotion one lady expressed at seeing us not wearing masks.)

Really, though.. if you are going to insist on wearing a mask into the park - would you please be so kind as to wear it out?!

More opportunities for clearing, right?

Somehow our early dinner made up for the feelings of frustration; Jake and James were such sweet servers and the food was delicious.

Can you tell I'm not great at remembering to take food photos before starting the meal? Ha!

Needless to say, it was very good. It also felt like we were eating for the Ancestors!

After driving home, we took a quick trip to the river to connect our today story of water.

Are you finding yourself in water, too? Pond? River? Ocean?

Isn't it amazing to think about how the water cycle is so connected?

And water represents emotions...time to acknowledge them, release them, and let them flow.

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