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This morning, Wednesday, June 17th was a day I'd set aside to go with Vicky to see 'StoneHenge' in Woodstock, VT. We had scheduled it about a week and a half ago - and then, over the course of the week, Stacie and Zelda independently felt inspired to join us. During the conversation with Zelda, I knew I needed to invite Joan, so the five of us headed up this morning. Stacie drove us all in 'Mathilda' her sporty red truck.

Vicky had a bag packed with a number of helpful things to honor the space: tobacco, palo santo, sage smudge sticks; we brought a few other things, too: drums and rattles, nuts, feathers, water...

I took four portal stones that I'd made with Lauren and Willow.

Our first stop was Calendar One, where someone had beautifully and carefully created a Solstice Circle.

We cultivated a beautiful rose-gold energy that felt expansive and uplifting.

It was lovely weather and when we got to the Circle, it felt like all of the Stones were happy to see us! Everyone took some time to walk around and tune into the energy of each stone.

I placed the small portable portals - can you see the one above? The first is a close-up.

These are amazing and majestic stones - and through them, I felt connected again to the Stones I had visited in the UK - at the 'real' Stonehenge and Avebury.

After a while, we naturally came together and Joan and Zelda started some drumming and toning.

It became clear how every single one of us had an important role to play and the process naturally unfolded the next step:

I found myself leading a 'Systems Override, Reboot, Reset' visualization/exercise through the portals that Willow, Lauren, and I had identified yesterday.

It was a fascinating (first, ever!) experience (for me) and when we finished, it felt like the Stones had amplified the experience to provide this energetic access to everyone on the planet.

How do you access a reset/reboot? Stay in joy! Find opportunities for collaborating with friends in ways of 'not knowing - unfolding.' Trust and accept that (at some level) You got this!

Keep making time to have fun. Dance...and: Rock On!!

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