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Being in this state of quarantine - no, I really prefer the phrase 'spiritual retreat'! - is allowing me to assess relationships. Are you finding that to be the case, too? Especially ones that are right up close and personal at this time. Maybe you have young children home from school? Maybe your spouse or loved one is now home 24/7?

I have plants...and chickens!

These chickens are part of my daily routine. They greet me at the gate and so look forward to my visit. Yes, I usually bring some sunflower seeds as a treat - and they provide the most beautiful eggs!

In short, my relationship with 'the girls' is win/win. I feel so grateful for them!

That said, there are relationships that don't seem so sunny. Maybe they are family relationships with sisters, brothers or parents? Maybe it's a spouse or partner? Maybe a co-worker or boss?

Often, there's a level of pain involved: hurt people hurt people. In reflecting on the theme, I wonder if we can evolve into a new way of being? And seeing? Learning to appreciate relationships for the amount of emotions that arise for us to feel and heal....doesn't this also reflect reciprocity?

So, today's questions, which I offer for you to ask during your next emotionally challenging interaction is:

How can I see this differently? What is the gift here? How can we find the win/win?

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2 comentarios

Stacie Kohart
27 mar 2020

Times are changing right before our eyes. The collective refused to slow themselves down, so a more intense approach presented itself. It is interesting to watch how people react. Some embrace this slow done. They reflect and allow creativity & energy to flow freely. Some are very negatively reacting. Angry & frustrated constantly. The more angry they become brings out further negative issues. The control that is desired & comfortable is pushed further away with every thought & negative emotion. We all have the freedom to choose how we react. Be at peace & let that creativity flow freely. All perfect timing for all things.❤️

Me gusta

Carolyn Raitt
26 mar 2020

Thank you Alice for this post. Like you and many of my friends, I have set an intention daily to be grateful for something as we navigate this uncertain time. Like you as well I am struck by how my relationships with others is strengthening as we mobilize to find common bonds. One fun activity my son (who's 20) and I have been doing is creating a puzzle. Can you imagine this activity being even a thought in the midst of our formally busy schedules? I still have 24 hours in the day but am now much more protective and creative with how I use the time in service to others and myself. I wish everyone who reads your po…

Me gusta
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