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It's Saturday, July 25th and the big event of today is the oral part of my exam at 5:00 pm.

Really, I am more of a morning person, so feel free to send happy vibes...

Contemplating the questions I might be asked, my mind returned to the conversation I had with Linda yesterday. (I'm so fascinated and humbled when folks share their process in response to this blog. Thank you!)

Linda admitted that initially, she was frustrated with the questions.

Really? Why?

Apparently it felt like one more thing to 'have to do'...answer a question.

After a few months of sitting with discomfort and asking herself why she felt this way, she realized that, in fact, there was no need to answer the question.

And the question simply provided... (wait for it, she said,)... "SPACE."

Wow! What an insight!! Yessssssss!

Considering the space that questions create, my mind returned to an article from the Autumn 2019 ASD digest, where, in an article by Joan Nathanson, she shared Neil Anderson's experience of having a man approach him, stating: "The subconscious mind sees everything backwards: the superconscious mind sees everything upside down and backwards with double vision"(p.24). I remember playing with that concept with post-it notes at the time.

This morning, I saw the Q in my mind's eye and was moved to sketch it upside down and backwards with double vision.

Even as I started, I realized this looks just like a portal or wormhole. Can you see it?

(Here it's 2D)

It felt like confirmation (again) that a question creates a shortcut to aligning with what we need when a question is asked.

This is a visual of how it happens.

A question creates the space it needs to find that answer/solution/response aligned with the level of awareness/vibrational frequency of the Querent through their Sub - and Superconsciousness: to the Collective Wisdom available through All That Is.

(Here it's more 3D to 5D)

It's kinda been my sense and how I function all along...

Can you feel how huge this is?!

How can you make use of this understanding? Will this inspire better questions of your own?

What would it look like to gather collectively to ask questions around receiving New Awareness, Unconditional Love, and Guidance for a new way of being?

Exciting times, folks...doncha think?

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